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Company Name: asia pacific company
Business Scope: BOPP Film,BOPP adhesive tape,BOPP pearlized film ,BOPP thermal film, BOPP flower
Address: Anhui jinzai raod 230026
Contact Person: eva
Mobile: 86-18956207706
Telephone: 86-551-5869369

About Us

We are one of the largest manufacturers of film/paper packaging materials in

Our main products are followings :
1. plastic film for packaging dept.
1.) BOPP film, Such as : BOPP plain film ,BOPP flower film, BOPP thermal film

,heat sealable BOPP film,BOPP matte film,BOPP pearlized film,BOPP capacitor film

,BOPP flower film ,BOPP tobacco film ,BOPP tape-grade film,metallized BOPP film .
2.) BOPP/PET/PVC tape clear jumbo roll or smaller slitted roll .
3.) BOPET/MBOPET film .
4.) PE/PVC cling film: Such as PE stretch film for pallets package and PE/PVC

cling film for food wrapping .
4.) CPP/MCPP film and other various laminated flexible plastic packaging

2. office paper or packaing paper Dept.
1.) Copy paper (reams)
2.) photo paper
3.) LWC paper & offset paper
3. electronic dept.
1.) Crystal Resonators : 49U,49S,SMD.
2.) Capacitors :CBB65 61 60

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